Mocha Mugs

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These cups may appeal to those who like it "less hot" then the previous Gothic set conveys. These are somewhat understated mocha cups with coffee bean detail on the rim (look closely at the saucer). This design is intentionally simple, as color is what will make them pop. Stay tuned for the transformation.


Gargoyle cup - 2 of 2

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This is the second on the two mocha cups for Gothic order. I've decided to go with an animal face on this one to mix things up. This one has a snake's tail for a handle that goes over on to the sides of this mug, keeping it more balanced on the sides against heavier face and handle. This picture shows the saucer as well, I did the same for both mugs - round, cobble stone textured. At this point they both are still green, unbaked and not glazed.